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Product Category               Chromapoxy H.B Coaltar Epoxy Paint (Q.D)
Chromapoxy H.B Coaltar Epoxy Paint (Q.D)
Chromapoxy H.B Coaltar Epoxy Paint (Q.D)
• Product Description
   Chromapoxy HB CTE 355 is high build, high solid two component amine    cured specially pigmented, water resistant coal tar epoxy coating with    superb and unparallel performance in highly saline, chemical and corrosive    environments. It is absolutely unaffected by alkalinity or sulphates in soil    water. It is also very suitable for varied use in conjunction with cathodic    protection.

• Uses
It can be used on all kinds of pipelines, structural steel and most     equipment for refineries, fertilizers and chemical installations. It is highly     recommended as an ideal and excellent coating on barrage gates and     hydel penstocks among others.

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